Cleaning Out My Knitting Bag

While searching through the chaos that is my knitting bag, I decided it needed to be cleaned out - here's a little peek at all I had crammed in there.

2. random wool remains
3 patterns and empty cell phone case
4. I missed 4 :)
5. tape measures, pom pom makers, stitch markers
6.bag for holding above pieces - obviously it's empty...
7. diapers that are too small for Lily now
8. tangled nest of needles
11. random kids clothes
12. wool for someday making a second fingerless glove

I took most of it out and now I can actually find things in there - and on a happy note I found $15 in change floating around the bottom!

> Jessi


  1. I think the random kids' clothing is my favourite item in your knitting bag.

  2. haha! but what will you do with all the stuff!

  3. i wish i could even learn how to knit, haha :)

  4. Eep! Don't you feel great when you do something like that??? I remember cleaning out my yarn chest and making little coin purses with all of the odds n ends in there to use them up. It felt so great!

  5. I love the things one can fuind going through big bags! With the $15 you can go and buy some more wool... :o)


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