Blythe Redo

Fakey Blythe makeover completed last weekend!  Here's a look at her progress so far...

Fresh from the box.
 Green eyeshadow, pepto pink lips, and her hair was awful, weird and greasy feeling...
but I still fell in love right away!

First stage! Lots of work done here. 
Makeup and eyelashes removed, haircut, sanding, carving on eyes and lips.
 Freckles, lipstick, new eyelashes and eyeshadow were added

Wig came in the mail. Cute, but I really wanted to do a reroot....

Rerooted with a soy wool blend, took about a day and a half.
 Purple eyeshadow, lipstick and eyelashes removed. 
Touch up carving and sanding done to lips and eyes.
New, fuller eyelashes added and lips redone with a paler colour and more definition.

This picture does not do justice to the awesomeness of her hair! It is huge!
I think my next project will be her chin...looks a little clefty to me...
Also I think she needs a new body, I snapped her leg off this weekend!


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  1. she looks good!! love the pale lips and light freckles :)


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