Monday Monday

I had  a great weekend, but can't show you because my pictures aka my cell phone is not cooperating and letting me get my photos off it. This weekend included yard sales, a trip to the fall fair, hanging out with friends in the RV (it's home from the mechanics!) and a family nature walk. How was your weekend?  

Last week I showed a sneak peek of my Halloween costume - and  asked what you thought the theme was - and you guessed it Harry Potter! We are planning a Hogwart's Halloween party, so I am excited to get planning that (oh and that sweater I showed in the sneak peak - finished the back piece - realized it was to big and started over..but it's going well now!)

I am also excited for next months Halloween Blog Event! -we have lots of exciting guest post from some of our favorite bloggers, so make sure to check that out! So yeah lots of fun stuff coming! Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. I'm going to buy double sided tape right now to make wands!

  2. what a fun idea!!!! i'm so jealous :-)


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