Post Holiday Monday

Vacay is officially over - aside from it being next to impossible to get out of bed, I am actually excited to get into the groove of things again.  How were your weekends?

Mine Consisted of:
- a little thrift shop run
- playing some games (apples to apples is our new addiction)
- making a house to do list (curtains, counter, sink, doors etc.  - quick stuff, right?)
- brainstorming session with Cassie for an exciting new opportunity!
- cooking - operation "No Take Out" is in full swing
- and working on the most ridiculous DIY craft project ever for a friends party this coming weekend - will have to wait until after to share, but it makes me laugh every time I walk by it!

this weeks finds
and this lamp! which prompted us to get rid of our floor lamp, which obviously
leads to changing everything on the walls
ingredients for a crazy craft project!
> Jessi


  1. hey, nice lamp! Can't wait to see your project! If it involves glitter it's double fun ;-)

  2. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend! I adore thrifting and you found some great goodies! I always love seeing what others find :)

  3. I love that lamp. I love fun new thrift store finds!

  4. Cool finds, esp the orange bowl! x


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