Wintery Monday!

Last week winter finally hit us! I was in denial, thinking maybe global warming was in full effect and we would have a nice easy winter... not so much apparently. 

How were your weekends?  Mine was spent knitting cowls (I have 3 orders!) and attending a tool belt party, where we all wore decorated tool belts (the sparkly craft I eluded to here). It was a fun night of beverages, sing alongs, dancing and a midnight snack food run, that took us by our old high school. 

We also have some exciting news!! Kingston Life magazine contacted us and asked us to be featured in the magazine - we even get to have a photo shoot. We are busily planning for it ... and by planning I mean booking a hair appointment..priorities right??

We are also going to have a few layout changes this week, so please bear with us, hopefully it will go smoothly!

my gold chevron tool  belt - Aminah's pink princess tool belt
Suzanne's tool cookies - she hand cut them out!
sing along!! (Note the cowl..order 1 of 3 done!)
> Jessi


  1. Congrats on the magazine, so cool!! The cowl looks beautiful!! x

  2. my ring looks massive!

    loved the kitchen sing along & the cowl looks great!!

  3. Winter finally set in this last week for us too! Cold weather followed by snow yesterday. Lots more to come in the next couple of days. Hope it stays for my day off Wednesday do I can take my little guy out for his first snow!

  4. The tool belt party looks so fun! And congrats on the magazine feature!

  5. We're snowed in today. I made some grain free bagels and stew. The dogs are asleep after playing in the snow all morning, fire is going...it's a good day!

  6. haha! i love the chevron belt :-) congrats on the magazine feature!


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