Monday Valentine Love

Happy Monday! How was weekend? I got a head start on  mine on Friday with a trip to the salon with Aminah, followed by dinner and gigantic margaritas! It marked the first visit to a restaurant with Lily where she actually stayed put and didn't end with one of us having to take her outside- we may be turning over a new leaf with her.

We also braved Canada's Largest Ikea... it was insane and no store should be that big! And because of this trip I spent all Sunday re-arranging rooms. Hopefully next weekend can involve some down time.

Here's a little free Valentine love to start your week!

> the handmade home
> the paper cave

> one charming party
> Jessi


  1. ohhhhh! i love the panda/fox ones :-)

  2. Such cute valentines, I love them all!

  3. Lovely V-Day picks. And glad to hear you had a fun and productive weekend!


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