Cross Canada Etsy: Halifax, Nova Scotia

A new feature for us here! We are going to be taking a cross Canada tour of Etsy, stopping in some of Canada's great cities (including our home town) and taking a look at the great Etsy shops run by some really creative and resourceful people.

Today we're taking a trip to the east coast of Canada. I've never been to Hailfax, but we did take a huge trip to PEI several summers ago and it was the most laid back and relaxing trip I've ever been on. 

The people were great, friendly, welcoming, and I would def. recommend it as a place for a lazy vacay! Plus there's a great music and food culture so lets see what these creatives and putting out!

Gorgeous real leather bags in a variety of great colours.  I totally want the one above!

I thought these were super cute and creative!  
Scott says we need this moose print in our house.

Selling both jewelry and art work I was drawn to the beautiful natural element in both.



  1. What a fun idea. You found some great stuff! The bag is fab, I'd wear that necklace any day of the week, and I LOVE that hippo print!

  2. Loveky series! Like the colour of that bag x

  3. This is such a great idea! Love that necklace :)

  4. I am having so much fun putting these together!


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