Jessi & Gwyneth {6}

Seriously I am only at 6??? I feel like I have made more than that!

Anywho last night I was this close to getting take out (I didn't really want to cook) but I plowed through it and made a pretty decent meal! 

I had no ingredients for any Gwyneth mains, so I decided to try her caramalized brussle sprouts. I have never cooked brussel sprouts, and was a little worried of doing it wrong, but they turned out great, Clifford ate most of them and even the kids liked them, Kate said "why do they always here people say these are gross?" I think what makes them good is the lemon you squeeze over them when cooking. Some of them are a little over caramelized ..oh well lol

For our main I made a "shake n bake-ish" coating (flour, garlic powder, black pepper and bread crumbs) and battered and fried some chicken legs...which apparently is not the best way to cook them (we ended up having to bake after my failed frying attempt). 

All in all it turned out pretty good for a last minute meal! 

What is your go to meal when you have to quickly come up with dinner?

they cooked a little uneven
a little peek at my kitchen (can you tell dish soap was on sale?)
> Jessi

p.s I also did a little post over at Thrifty Gypsies!


  1. I like your kitchen! And it's great you family liked the sprouts. I really like them, but Marco is not really keen.

  2. our got to dinner is usually pasta! talk about quick and easy. those Brussels look great though.


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