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What more Cabling?? I am sure I will get my fill soon and maybe I will try something with lots of colour work...err.. that sounds hard and I think I  will stick with the feeling of over confidence 1 colour gives me :)

Anyways...Love these you can make them look like part of your boots or un fold them and they look like you have big long socks on (the mock turtle neck of the sock world- very cool sounding eh?) I also wear them around my ankles for extra warmth in our old drafty house.

> Jessi


  1. That's a lovely colour. I have seen a few people with boot toppers (glad I know know what they are called!) and I think they look fantastically cozy.

  2. They look so lovely and cozy. I adore the colour:) Have a wonderful day. xo

  3. They turned out great!!

  4. Nice boots! =)



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