Lies & Pixel People

I lied, I am not done with 2011. I don't know how but I totally forgot about this Christmas present until I was scrolling through my cell phone pics (what cell phones aren't the professional way to capture your work? Only lazy people do it that way? I swear I hardly ever do it...no that was another lie).

I made these pixel people, inspired by a friend who was making them as gifts, for my sister in law..same one I made the Rosalie Scarf for..There was a definite theme to her gifts? If you picked up on it you can't lie about never having seen Twilight. I just outed you. 

This little Bella and Edward were framed in a mini embroidery hoop for her to use as a tree ornament or whatever she wants really. They were really fun to plan and make - Martha did a whole thing on cross stitching pixel people, so you can learn more there!

 > Jessi


  1. Twilight? Never heard of it......at least that's my story ;-)

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so adorable!

  3. hahaha! they're perfect! my friend sarah actually did most of the work on that feature in "living". she's so good!

  4. They are very cute. I have been thinking about trying to design a patter, but as ever, have not been very pro-active on that front.


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