One Fingerless Glove

SO I finished one of my gloves - I found knitting on four needles really hard!! I decided to take a break and start a new project before finishing the second one (cause who needs gloves in the summer anyway?) so here is the first one, it was a good wool for hiding my many mistakes :)

Things I learned:
- to knit on 4 needles
- provisional cast ons

that chipped nail polish is pretty awesome too right?? (note to self - remember to take off nail polish before taking hand related pictures)

> Jessi


  1. Ohhh looks great! So jealous. I learned how to knit and I found it frustrating so I went back to crocheting. (I learned to crochet when I was a kid, I had to learn how to knit in Art school).

    Looks like you sure have the hang of it though!

  2. thanks - you can totally see the seams between needles, but it is still wearable I think, well it will be when there are two :)

  3. yea!! Now, here's some unrequested advice...
    The second one is always the hardest, cause you have to make the same thing again!! But don't wait too long or your gauge will change and one will be bigger than the other (been there done that)! The 4 needles will get easier with time. There will come a time where you just get it...just keep knitting!

  4. Nice! I find knitting on two needles already very hard so I'm quite impressed :-) Wish you luck on teh 2nd one!

  5. looks awesome! love the colors. I haven't gotten to four needles yet, kudos!!


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