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Yes I know it was a British show first, and I don't care if it's probably better - I love, love, love the US version! I seriously can't get enough of it - particularly Steve - Clifford makes fun of me for how happy I get when he's on screen lol :) 

It's set in the south side of Chicago, and follows the Gallagher family, a family of six kids who have to fend for themselves because of  their alcoholic father. It has a great cast including William H Macy, Joan Cusack, Emmy Rossum

Do you watch? If you don't start (assuming you are comfortable with nudity, bad language and the most shameful of  behavior!)

> Jessi


  1. Somehow I've managed to not even hear of this show. Maybe it's because we don't have premium cable? I'll have to check it out the DVDs.

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. i so need to add this to my list of shows i need to start watching!

  3. Here in Britain, I loved shameless at the beginning. i will try and catch the American version as I love William h Macy.

  4. I haven't watched Shameless, but you definitely have me interested now. I really like William H. Macy. Might have to check it out!

  5. Love the show....It makes you laugh, think and cry.

  6. Never heard of the show but "nudity, bad language and the most shameful of behavior" made me curious! :)


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