In Virginia: Stumps Old Town Antiques

Did I tell you I was going to Virginia for a week? Well I did  :) Had so much fun and mostly relaxed but did run into a super cute antique shop nearby.  Stumps Old Town Antiques was adorable if priced somewhat above you're normal thrift store finds. These people know when they've got good stuff! I left with just pics...but wishing I had bought!



  1. What a neat shop. I love that Jr. Sewing Kit! Too cute. I could use a "get-away". Glad you enjoyed yours. And like you, I'd probably have left with just pictures too. I love thrift store prices and find it difficult to pay "retail". Have a great day.

  2. This place looks fantastic! I would have found it really hard not to come away without something! If you pop over to my blog I have given you a little sunshine award...Rebecca x

  3. that sewing kit is just perfect! there is so much great vintage in the south!


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