Fun with Modge Podge!

A Craft Challenge with Modge Podge? Sign me up! This month on Craftyminx there is a fun craft challenge. Each week she is posting a craft supply and you do with it whatever your little heart desires!

I had a ba-gillion (ba-gillion is not a number - Happy Ending's anyone? no..) ideas and then ran out of time, so this is my submission - a  little fox collage from scrapbook paper and modge podge on my kobo case (kobo's are the Canadian equivalent to Kindle)

I kinda love it :) You can see some past Modge Podge crafts here and here

> Jessi


  1. The little fox is so cute! I'm working on a modge podge project today too!

  2. Thanks for hopping over! I love the fox and the grey and orange together on your kobo case. Good luck on the craft challenge!

  3. great idea Jesse! I was thinking about changing mine too! thanks!

  4. I love the little fox....and those previous pirates are adorable...


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