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I am finally getting got up here - this weekend was crazy nice weather! Last week's craft material on Craftyminx was glitter - so I enlisted some little helpers to help me make Kaitlyn a Hunger Games inspired hair clip to wear to the movie- we'll call it our Girl on Fire Hair Comb.

Simple to make - with kinda ridiculous results...I probably should have shrunk it in size - but she plans on sporting it to the movie when she goes!

 Step 1: cut 2 layers of flames out of foam
Step 2: Add glitter, starting with blue at the base and shades of gold and red for the rest
Step 3: Let Dry, and then hot glue to a hair comb

Step 5: Give it to an 11 year old who thinks its more fab then ridiculous!
 > Jessi


  1. Fun! A blog I follow did a GREAT Girl on Fire makeup tutorial. Check it out! It will go great with your hair piece.

  2. Katnissss the girl on fire. I can't wait!


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