From My Bookshelf > Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me

Author: Mindy Kaling

So I read this awhile ago but am not so good in the book review department so it has been sitting in drafts alone and feeling unwanted. It shouldn't feel that way - I very much enjoyed this book! 

It is one of those nice quick reads that makes you laugh out loud.. so yeah if you like the Office, you read Bossy Pants and liked it - and well you like Chelsea Handler books but are looking for something that isn't soaked in vodka and wrapped in a one night stand, you will find this a worth wild read .

I have read about 6 more books since this  - I need to get back on track! I hear a round up post in the works :)

What have you been reading?

> Jessi


  1. Will have to give it a go..I need some new books :) x

  2. I enjoyed it too although I definitely had more laugh out loud moments with Bossypants.

  3. Sounds good... Will have to add it to my list. I'm reading 'A Discovery of Witches' at the moment which is a bit like 'Twilight' like for grownups! I'll be tackling 'Bossypants' next... x

  4. You know, I wondered if that was any good. AND I still haven't ready Bossy Pants. I need to get my butt to the library, apparently!


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