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Happy Thursday! It's been a bit of a busy week here. Clifford is on his last stretch of school before exam time, Easter is fast approaching  and there are 3 birthdays this weekend (1 grown up, 2 kids) + Emilie and I have a chocolate gala to attend (I know you are feeling my pain... my life is hard!) What is keeping you busy right now?

Sometimes though, the busier things are the more productive I am :)

Here's a quick project I did awhile ago - I should probably post before it's full on spring
This head wrap would be a great project for a beginner - it is straight knitting, no purling and it takes about an hour.

 > Jessi


  1. That is a project I could handle! The only thing I know how to knit is a scarf.

  2. How cute is that?! So crafty.

  3. cuteeeeeeee!!! i love this! so hip!


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