Cross Canada Etsy: Toronto, Ontario

Scott went to school in Toronto, so he is a lot more familiar with Canada's biggest city than I am. I feel like it's the New York of Canada. Big and bustling and busy, full of culture and creativity. I am not a city girl at heart and I max out at about a weekend in the city, too many people for me...but I always enjoy the time that we spend there

I am so in love with this!  The designs here are playful, feminine, and budget minded!

Beautiful silk ribbon embroidery on a variety of mediums! Plus Bumblebees make me think of spring.

Really interesting vintage home decor and accessories. The kind of pieces you just don't find anywhere else.

The packaging is what drew me to this handmade bodycare company!



  1. What a nice surprise to see my Bee Necklace featured here! Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for including my bow tie ring in this feature!! I'm totally distracted by all the beautiful things and neat ideas you've posted here!

  3. Beautiful blog! Thank you for featuring my perfume!

  4. P.S.- You guys are here today:


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