7 things {Jessi}

Atlantic Atlantis tagged me in a get to you know you game, where you say 7 things about yourself, so here it goes :)

1) I really like doing laundry, especially when I can hang it on the line
 2) Our family is a little Harry Potter crazy... ( I am right now trying to talk Clifford into buying me.. I mean us... the Hogwarts lego castle)
3) I am really excited with learning to knit right now
4) I am always dreaming about trips I want to take
5) Every December we watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy
6) The sound of crashing waves is my most favourite sound in the world
7) I am very social and like being surrounded by people I know  - yet I am very uncomfortable in social situations where I don't know anyone.

1) clothes on the line 2) Trip to NYC  Nov '10 3) Pacific Coast Highway California '08 4) Luna costume Salem '09


  1. Hmm I do the same, dreaming about all those places I want to visit someday. Have a great weekend!

  2. One day I want to sit down and watch the entire LOTR trilogy all in a row... one day, haha.

    Thanks for playing along! :)


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