Hunger Games Casting

How are you feeling about this?? Who would you have cast?

I would have had the two actors reversed - Liam Hemsworth play Peeta and Josh Hutcherson play Gale. I think Jennifer Lawrence is perfect though. I am halfway throuigh the series, so I guess I have a chance to re-jig how I pictured them.

Liam Hemsworth > Gale           Jennifer Lawrence > Katniss             Josh Hutcherson > Peeta


  1. Hmmm, I imagined Katniss with darker hair. Those books are quite hectic aren't they? Can't believe they're for teens!

  2. i havent read these books yet but think i'm the only one on the planet!!

  3. Hi, just discovered your blog - such a lovely place! About the casting - hommmm not sure, but i agree that Jen Lawrence just fits here! Am your newest follower - have a great weekend!

  4. I so need to get on seeing this...i keep hearing about it!

  5. lovely blog! thank you for your comment.
    you definitely have to be in the right mood for thrifting. some days i can do it all day, others i want nothing to do with it.

    i haven't read The Hunger Games but the lady that i work with is crazy about the series.


  6. They are two "pretty" my imagination had them looking very different. I am finding that HD can't compare with my imagination. I guess that is a good thing


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