Getting into a Groove :)

I am mostly totally exhausted right now.  On top of the normal just having a baby stuff, Abe and I both have a head cold right now.  It's making it a little difficult to keep on top of things but we're muddling through :)

Abe> giving me the "stink eye"

I did start the hat below a while back, and actually knit some of it whilst in labour! It's another one from that retro knitting book that I picked up from SNB; the one that I knit the green/teal hat from.

I'll keep you updated on when I finish this :)  Our friend Leslie told me it took her about a month to master feeding and knitting at the same time, so I have that to look forward to!



  1. aww he's so cute :) I am not of till Thursday to come see him again :(

  2. Awe so adorable. Congratulations. He's so precious.


  3. Abe is way too adorable. Hope you guys are feeling better soon.

  4. Wow...knitting and feeding, eh? That sounds way too talented for me! Good luck figuring it out:) What a cutie too!

  5. omggg that picture of the baby is too.cute! xoxo

  6. Akkkkkk! Look at that lil lover!!!! He gives a nice stink eye


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