April Showers....

It's been a rainy weekend here, which at first I was annoyed with, but on the plus side not being able to work on house projects allowed for guilty free lazing around and taking it easy, complete with take out, visiting with friends/family, Scattergories and movies! So I am thinking rain isn't always a bad thing :)

Hope you had a great weekend - it's late and I am up making carrot cupcakes for a competition at work tomorrow (totally forgot about it until Emilie reminded me at 8:30pm...)

Maya when she was little > Spring 2008

> Jessi


  1. That picture looks like it comes from a catalog.


  2. What a little cutie with her Burberry umbrella!
    xo Josie

  3. Precious, I love little kids and their rain boots!! Hope the sun comes your way soon :) Have a great Monday x

  4. lovely blog. just following! hope you visit mine, http://accessoriesdiary.blogspot.com/

  5. It was rainy all weekend over by me also! What a cute photo, i'm a sucker for rainboots.
    Thanks for stopping by. Diggin' your blog...following you now :]

  6. i'm the same way. i kinda get excited about a rainy saturday. such a great excuse to spend the day lying around and knitting all day :)

  7. Oh my goodness. She is darling!

  8. I agree! When you just *can't* attend to those things you have to do due to weather, or some other thing outside of your control, it's nice to get that free time to putz around guilt free! Glad you got to relax this weekend!


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