Royal Wedding Mania

So people are pretty crazed about the Royal wedding (I will admit I am excited to see the dress). As with every media frenzy you can expect some pretty ridiculous memorabilia to pop up (yes I am talking about you William & Kate fridge!). 

I hopped on Etsy to see what cute & kitschy things people were making in celebration of the royal nuptials, here are my finds  :)

And yes Michelle - this post is for you ...

> Taylor's Type
> Claryce Design

> eighteen19
> Welsh Poppy
> sweetlifeindeed
> Claryce Designs


  1. Fabulous! Wedding rehearsal completed at Westminster Abbey today, so the countdown is truly on!!
    Thank you for featuring my coasters and my mugs :)

  2. The wedding mania is insaneee! A fridge?!?! REALLY?! Hahaha, love it.

    P.S. I'm pretty excited to see the dress as well, not going to lie!

  3. Oh, I love anything Jack Union! I like the coasters and mugs. Good post!


  4. I CANNOT WAIT. think me and my mum are going to make an event of it and have a little tea party whilst we watch the wedding. how twee! have you seen the knitted version of the wedding party?! so cute!

  5. Thanks for including my print - enjoy the wedding!

  6. Thanks so much for including my party printable set :)

  7. I want the mug and the kleenex box and EVERYTHING. very very very very sad though because I can't get the day off work. I'll be up in the middle of the night watching. Hey i have the best idea ever. we should all have a sleepover to watch.

  8. Finally some good looking memorabilia! Knew it had to be out there somewhere, i just wasn't looking in the right place!


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