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Clearly I am on a supernatural/vampire whatever kick, and this book is all over that- so I had high hopes - and was initially feeling disappointing as it seemed to drag with no direction... or more accurately  multiple directions (is it about her powers? a book? vampire attacks? scientific studies on wolves? ), but near the end I started to really get into it and once I was done the more I thought about the book, the more intrigued I was with the world, it's like those movies you sit through, your not sure about and then days later you are still thinking about it and you decide you liked it? - it was like that.

She goes on a whole DNA, Evolution, survival of the fittest take with the supernatural beings and like other series, there are good vampires/witches and bad ones, the 3 species are a secret from humans and of course forbidden love... and well really what's the point of a vampire story without it?? 

I was a bit confused (and still am a little) about the several plot lines started -I didn't realize it was a series and once realizing that is made much more sense why things were touched on and then seemingly dropped. I am going to assume they will matter later in the books. To me it was a lot like The Fellowship of the Ring in the sense that it was just a build up & gathering of  to what should be a really great battle of beings for their place in the world.

next on my reading list: The Hunger Games


  1. Have you read the Gail Carriger series? The first one is Soulless and the only one I read, so far. The second book came out not too long ago, Changeless. There are werewolves, vampires, ghosts, etc. It's a light read and kind of tongue in cheek, it's good though!

  2. this looks interesting, i'll have to look out for it! x


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