The Wedding

Did you watch? Kate & I got up at 5 to see it, although she fell back asleep by the time Kate walked up the isle.  I have to say at first I wasn't sold on the dress, but by the end of it all I was totally on board, it is so pretty & Grace Kelly-esque, and I think my initial disappointment was that is wasn't super high fashion like I was hoping for. I guess she can't be to risky, so maybe when Harry marries Chelsea Davy we'll get a more outrageous dress :) (although she majorly needed a bra and a hair brush today!)

Her sister looked lovely - but I thought it odd that she was in a white dress too!? Kind of looked like it was also a wedding dress. Oh and holy hats!! There were some crazy ones in the crowd (that includes you Posh!). But you win for most ridiculous Beatrice...

Pippa Middelton
Chelsey Davy
 > Jessi


  1. those hats are something else! what were they thinking?!

  2. It was such a lovely wedding... Beatrice and Eugaine looked like they wanted to be in the newspaper's so the only way was to look ridiculous!

  3. wow amazing look !!!!

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  4. i ve followed the whole wedding, it was sooo amazing! i havent felt in love with the dress neighter, i expected more by mcqueen house…too classy altough beau!

  5. The fancy hats are fun to watch, although it is not my cup of tea! :)

    Have a fabulous weekend!


  6. I really loved the wedding. It was beautiful and sweet. I think Kate is just a total sweetheart anyway. I was really impressed with her dress. I felt she made a wonderful choice given the expectations she had placed on her. Those hats, some of them were pretty neat, most of them were straight up crazy!


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