A Can of White Paint....

Finally a nice sunny day here!! I spend most of it painting furniture (which I will share soon), while the kids enjoyed the great outdoors on the start of this holiday weekend. 

Tomorrow is supposed to rain a bit so we'll wait dye our eggs then. What are you up to this  Easter weekend - busy with family? Taking it easy? Either way Enjoy!

> Kate

> little flowers in our yard
> even Miss Bella enjoyed the sun
> Lily making a mess

> Jessi


  1. Just family stuff for me this weekend...and working. I wish that I had somebody to dye eggs with! My boyfriend and siblings apparently have no interest in it.

  2. Looks like a fun time!! We shall be preparing for tomorrow and having an Easter egg hunt for my daughter. I just hope the weather keeps! Have a great Easter time!! xx

  3. Yay! A sunny day! I'm surprised you weren't doing laundry!


  4. Oh I did 5 loads of laundry too.. seriously productive!

  5. Happy Easter, Jessi! Please tell me, is Miss Bella a long haired chihuahua like I think she is? LOVE me some long haired chihoozers!


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