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Title(s): Soulless, Changeless, Blameless
Author: Gail Carriger

Like Jessi, I am also on a vampires and werewolves kick; but throw in a dash of steampunk, comedy, romance and mystery!  Mixing so many genres should be a mess but I found it to be funny and engaging.  I read this series a while back while I was looking for something to introduce me to steampunk writing and I guess you could call this steampunk light. Less automatons and dirigibles, more vamps, werewolves, & ghosts. I couldn't put the first book in the series down and quickly got the rest of them.

The Victorian mannerisms almost seem like a caricature and it's funny to see characters trying to keep up their decorum in situations that definitely do not call for it.  "Mr. Vampire, if you would kindly stop trying to attack me maybe we could discuss this in a civilized manner?"  I kind of love witty banter ... the same sort of thing that makes me watch old Bogey and Bacall movies :)

I also like it when love interests infuriate each other and there's plenty of that here! A stubborn, strong willed heroine and a fiery short tempered suitor? Yes, please!  I can't wait for the next installment, Heartless, that's being published this summer!

> Cassie


  1. Ooo I loved this book! I read it in my book club and everyone else liked it too, I've even had my mom and another friend read it and they loved it too! I havent read the second one but it is on my to read list, I'd like to finish it before the 3rd one comes out!

  2. Oh~. This does look quite interesting!

    And, if you like peeps and you like smores, you should definitely try peep smores.



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