Rain Rain Go Away

It's pouring out. Clifford is on nights and normally I would take the kids to a park or walk downtown while he sleeps, but that is out of the question today. It may be a library day... What do you like to do when it rains and any outdoor plans are dashes?

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  1. When it rains and we have outdoor plans, we like to stay at home and watch some DVDs. Sometimes, we go to the mall, it depends.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. It's tough when it's rainy, isn't it? My son usually goes loopy after an entire day stuck in the house!

  3. rainy days in our house means go for a walk, get wet, return home, get into dry clothes, drink hot chocolate and watch lots of movies. OR we take a trip to a museum or have a craft day. LOVE rainy days!

  4. I watch movies and eat popcorn when its a rainy day!! If I want to brave the rain, I'll go shopping or to a museum!! Have a great weekend!! xx

  5. Hmm, when it rains I like to:

    Make cookies.
    Make cupcakes.
    Sip tea and read.
    Watch a comedy with popcorn and hot chocolate.
    Take a hot bubble bath
    If its warm, take my rain boots and go puddle hopping!

  6. I like to stay inside and clean, read a book and nap on the couch.

  7. When it rains, we bake bake bake ... cookies, shortbread, cupcakes .. anything yummy!
    It's something we always wish we could do more often, but for some reason it takes a rainy day to make it happen ~:D

  8. I like Amber's plans!! In Barcelona the same, really sunny this morning, a big storm now... I have to study so, no problem!!

  9. a fellow Canadian blogger, how wonderful! :)
    on rainy days I pretty much just catch up on my school, or watch movies. But then, I do that pretty much everyday..


  10. I live in Arizona, it doesn't rain.

    And when it does, I stay home and sleep. Like a lazy bum.

    Unhelpful, sorry.


  11. When it rains, I love to stay inside and watch movies. Snuggle if the man is around and craft if he is not.
    It rained here all weekend so I got a lot of snuggling AND crafting in, hehe!


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