Busy Weekend

As I mentioned before this weekend was my friend's baby shower. I always get nervous hosting anything, because I think people won't show up, but I think everything went well, we had lots of food, and conversation :) I used the decor idea from this post, and my sister in law made delicious cake pops!

Afterward a few of us went out for dinner and to see Water for Elephants, which I loved! If you loved the book go see it - they stayed so true to the story!

How did your weekends go? Any big plans for the week?

There is a big empty space that was later filled with Michelle's homemade cinnamon buns :)


  1. The rain cloud is so cute! I went to a baby shower this weekend, too!

  2. Looks great - especially the stuff the glasses. Yum!

    Believe it or not I have NEVER been to a baby shower! It's not very common in UK but now that we're in Cape Town - testing the waters; looong story - I'm sure I'll experience 1 or 2 :-)

  3. The raindrops are a cute touch! Lovely set up.

  4. love the raindrops!! Great idea:)

  5. It looks gorgeous! I'm glad you had fun. I was thinking about that movie...I liked the book, but not the parts about mistreating animals. Is that in the film? Cause I just don't think I could take watching it...

  6. Oh my goodness, this looks adorable!! Well done.
    I'm just about to start reading Water for Elephant (finally, even though it was given to me qutie awhile ago :S ) and want to read it before seeing the movie. So glad they stay true to the book, though! They hardly ever do and I usually get very upset, haha.

  7. Cute pompom rainclouds!

    There are posters for that movie all over town at the mo. I've seen a bit of a trailer, it looks beautiful! I did not even know there was a book. Maybe I should read that first!

    P.S.: Thanks, I've been back since Friday, had an amazing time!

  8. it looks and sounds like you did a wonderful job! I get nervous hosting too...

  9. this looks so cute, seems like you did outstanding hosting duties! i love the raindrops :) happy week. xoxo

  10. hey what do you know....I went to a friend's baby shower, for dinner, AND saw that movie too...

  11. I love that! Looks like so much fun!
    I'm planning a dinner party soon and this is definitely inspirational!

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  12. This is so cute! And you know, I recently started making tissue paper puff balls, and ever since I did, I've seen them crop up everywhere. :D Makes me laugh...


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