sun, brownies & leashes

Today is sunny finally out- but it's still cold! I am really in need of some no jackets needed weather, the kind where the sketchy guys bike around with no shirts balancing a case of beer on their handle bars... that's the weather I am waiting for :)

Today we were both off so we decided to walk downtown for a late breakfast and hit up a bakery I've been meaning to check out for like 2 years. I scored some peanut butter brownies, that are pretty amazing, and Clifford picked out some kinda shortbread cookies.

And what is that Lily is sporting in the pictures... yep... I have leashed my child. I assume everyone who sees us is judging me, but seriously this kid won't stay off the road, screams in her stroller, and refuses to be carried, so in the interest of our sanity and her safety, she now has a "safety backpack" as they call them lol.

her rainbow suspenders were mine when I was her age :)

> Jessi


  1. Lily pie is quite stylish! I'm loving those suspenders!


  2. How cute is this? Those suspenders are awesome. What a little trend setter she is!

  3. I love the "safety backpack". I was a leashed kid too! :)

  4. "the sketchy guys bike around with no shirts balancing a case of beer on their handle bars" - so they're in every city!!!! Hahaha, we have them here too. Always a sure sign of summer.

  5. My little boy has a leash too and while we do get a few funny looks every now then, it doesn't bother me. We live near a very busy road and there's no way I could risk walking a very active toddler 'unleashed'. He actually likes the leash 'cause he knows when the it comes out we're heading out on an adventure :-)

  6. At least it's a cute leash!


  7. What a little sweetheart! I LOVE the retro rainbow suspenders handed down from mumski... and as far as the leash goes... whatever keeps the bundle of energy safe right!

  8. that's hilarious :) i would do the same!

  9. Hehe..bless, I love the outfit :) My daughter was the same, we needed to have one of these lease things on her, as she refused to be carried and just wanted to venture off into danger. I rather see these than kids running around crazy and get hurt!! The suspenders are fab, I wish I still had the ones I had when I was little :) Have a great weekend!! xx

  10. I always have to smile when I see children on a leash. More freedom for the kid, not having to hold a hand all the time, and piece of mind for the parent!

  11. browniesss!!! yummy!! I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me :D


    Have a nice weekend!! :D


  12. i was a leashed kid too! and see no problem with it if it does the job!


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