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My newest project to challenge myself with is this cardigan for Lily. Again I am not using the word challenge loosely - I always think things look easier than they are... this is going to be  slow going, every time I try to knit it at home alone, without anyone from Stitch N Bitch to help me, I screw up in like 5 minutes.

I have definitely been more into knitting lately than sewing, I did pull out the machine a few days ago to make some pajama pants and skirts, but it such a hassle to get the machine out, I really need to get on my craft room and by I, I mean Clifford :)

> Jessi


  1. what a nice colour!! It will be very nice! ;) Have a good weekend!!

  2. That will be so adorable, the color will be lovely for fall! I really want to crochet myself a cardigan and I am afraid it is going to be very difficult =/ I know exactly what you mean about the sewing machine! Mine is always out but where it is, is sort of in a corner and a pain to get to...I wish I had a craft room!

  3. such a lovely colour and really like the texture of the piece.

  4. You're talented. I've never used a sewing machine because I'm afraid of getting my fingers sewn together and I don't even understand the concept of knitting.

    I love what not to wear, haha. I actually heard of a fashion editor from the Frisky who went on that show.


  5. I'd really love to learn how to knit- it is so intimidating to me! That will look so nice when you're finished!

  6. for the first time in my life i actually have the desire to learn to sew. maybe one day i will have the desire to knit?


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