Mini Vacy coming up!!

Our DC trip trip is tomorrow! I am pretty excited. I love road trips, and this will be Clifford's first road trip with all the girls  (I took the girls to Boston/Salem 2 Halloween's ago but he had a lot of school work and couldn't come).

I have been putting together activity packs for the kids to help keep them entertained on the 9 hour drive. I included stickers, markers (thank you dollar store!), colouring pages, license plate check list (thank you internet!)  and Sarah's' road trip bingo. Any other ideas on cost effective ways to keep kids entertained on the road? What did your parents use to do for you?

 > Jessi


  1. I've been on way too many roadtrips in my life... :p During my 21 years alive I've moved 10 times (because of my father's job) and always far from both my mother's parents (who lived far north) and my father's parents (who lived far south). So road trips are the one thing I know how to do. Basically we slept a lot. My parents made it happen. They gave us a pillow each and a thin duvet or blanket and kept us up the night before. When we didn't sleep we mainly ate or sang or made up games like chose a color and count how many cars you see in that color. The one with the most cars win. We were seldom given books and stuff cause someone would always get carsick, but we entertained ourselves pretty well :p

    I think they gave up the whole trying-to-keep-us-busy-and-make-time-fly after the 6-7 trips or so. Haha :) Good luck on your trip! :) ^^ Btw, I want to do what you do for my own kids. I want to make every day special. And turn a road trip into an adventure :)

  2. I really can't remember if my parents had any games for my brother and I. I always used to love listening to stories or music on my walkman. Have a great trip!

  3. aw they will have a good time!! we used to find all the states license plates!

  4. Those look like so much fun! I wish I could play with that stuff. We used to get brand new coloring books and crayons ... which we would forget to keep out of the sun so of course they would melt on the seats of the car. Great memories!
    Hope you all have a wonderful time! Be safe and enjoy!!!

  5. Fun, I love road trips, but I have never tried one with kids before. I'm interested to hear how it goes. It sounds like you have the kids totally stocked up with activities, looks like a good time!

  6. Wow looks like you prepared very well, enjoy it! xo

  7. I love road trips! I hope you have fun:) I've nominated you for a Lovely Blog award because I always look forward to reading your posts. The details can be found on my May 18th post. xx

  8. How much fun! You'll have to post about where you guys end up visiting in D.C.!!

    My dad always held contests in which spotting certain sights were were points. i.e. a purple tractor trailer would always rack in the big points, holiday inn signs, etc.

  9. How about an audio book like Harry Potter? We've got a long haul flight with a 19 month old coming up. Gulp!

  10. Man, you are one awesome mom! And I am so honoured you included my road trip bingo! ♥

    For road trips I used to bring a lot of Archie comics, colouring/drawing paper, and my walkman - woo cassettes!

  11. I love sticker fun! On one of my cross country moves a family friend packed one of those multi pouch back of the seat holders filled with gift wrapped toys. We got to open one a day and whatever was inside kept us busy for a while.

    On my second cross country move another family friend packed a Tupperware bin filled with fun and healthy snacks! My mom and I played games with all the different transport trucks.

    Enjoy your trip!



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