Family Lego

For her birthday Kate got the Hogwarts Lego castle (we are not at all obsessed in this house...). The plan is to work on it every Sunday as a family until it's done. I never really played with Lego as a kid, clearly I missed out all theses years. 

Have you built any lego kits before? I am amazed at the detail they put in!


  1. That's a great family activity on weekends. I never really played with Lego when I was a kid, too. Actually, I don't have much toys to play with. Love the adorable Harry Potter characters.

    Anyway, hope you have a fabulous weekend with your family!


  2. Cool kit! I had lots of Lego as a kid and used to spent hours with my cousin building houses, cars, marine biology stations (don't ask!), space ships and whatnot. My parents even took my brother and I to Legoland in Denmark once. Hey, now I really feel like looking for my old Lego bricks next time I go to my parents' house!

  3. Legos were a HUGE part of my childhood, I loved them! awesome that you made it as a family :)


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