Little Toaster That Could

Remember my $2 toaster?? Well I got it home and found out it didn't work - a risk I knew I was taking, but it was $2, so you know, worth trying.  I was pretty sad because it was perfect for my kitchen, and being stubborn I refused to believe that it was beyond repair, so I hit the internet.

I found out it was from the 1960's and supposedly one of the best machines Sunbeam ever made "the Cadillac of toasters". Now I loved it more and was prepared to spend some money on getting it fixed, even though I knew Clifford wouldn't be on board with spending money on fixing something that coast 2 bucks. While browsing I stumbled across an ETSY seller who was selling the same one, and thought it wouldn't hurt to email her, maybe she had to fix that one.

Old Green Canoe (a fellow Canadian!) not only answered me right away, but also spent the morning going back and forth with me with what the problem was and suggestions for fixing it - and her suggestion worked - and I wanted to take this time to thank her for helping me out and encourage you to check out the great vintage in her ETSY shop!

Wow this was a lot of writing for a toaster lol :) Have you met any great ETSY sellers who have gone above and beyond?

> Jessi


  1. Awesome!

    I love that you didn't give up on it and fixed it. It always makes me sad that we live in such a disposable society.

  2. It's a beauty! I'm so glad we could help get it up and running...here's to many toasty mornings :)

    Cheers, Noreen
    Old Green Canoe

  3. That is so nice of her to walk through the repair process with you. It is a very cute toaster.

  4. Yippee! Lovely toaster and lovely person to help you fix it!

  5. She is so kind to go above and beyond to help you. Fortunately, you can save the toaster, it's such a beauty!



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