Cornfields & Deadlines

October is flying by! I am not done my sweater, have not even begun to think about decorations and haven't started Lily or Kate's costumes..and really Maya's is just cut out so it's barely started! I need to do some serious time management.. darn jobs getting in the way of fun work!

How are you Halloween plans going? Are you dressing up - and as what??

Here are a few pics from our cornfield photoshoot last weekend :) Now I need to get back to work!!

> Jessi


  1. So sweet, your girls!! My daughters are going to be WonderWoman and a bunny for Halloween. Very exciting. October is flying by, I've already started thinking of Christmas stuff that will need doing, hehe. Hope you have a great rest of the week & weekend to come! xx

  2. Aww, cuties! Glad you are having some fall fun! Good luck with that sweater too:)

  3. october is killing me! i'm going to be a bird! (if i ever cut out all of the feathers!)


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