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Hello lovelies, Mandy from Dash it All here!

I tried really hard to not make this post about Harry Potter.
But I failed.
Let's face it, HP is king of Halloween.
What's that? You don't think so?
What about all the floating candles, gigantic pumpkins
and three-headed dogs they have lying around that castle?
Not to mention the ghosts, black cats and tons of candy those kids eat!
So clearly I'm right. No apologies necessary.
My favorite Halloween costumes over the years
have been of a Hogwartian theme.

It all started one year with a desire to be Hermoine.
A gothic Hermoine.

That's my friend Franklin rockin the part of HP himself.
Adding the gothic aspect turned the costume from
downright nerdy (which I'm actually perfectly ok with)
to punktasticliciousness.

Girls need:
Prep Skirt
White Button Up
Black Sweater
Tie (in the house color of your choice)
Black Tights
Lot's of Black Eye Make Up
Red Lips
And a Wand (I think I used a chopstick lol)

Boys need:
Black Pants
White Button Up
Black Sweater 
Tie (in the house color of your choice)
Lot's of Black Eye Make Up
Perhaps a Scar
And of course a Wand

I did that for a few years
and let me tell you
I felt like the belle of the ball.
No joke.

Then one year I decided to mix things up as Tonks!


She's pretty easy to put together too!

Pink Wig
Make a Weird Sisters Tee from a White Tee and Markers
Ripped Jeans
I added Sparkly type Eye Make Up
And a Wand and Voila!

I've seriously never had more fun dressing up
than when I'm decked out DA style.
I recommend everyone try it and experience
the magic for yourself!


Thanks Mandy! This is perfect timing, with our Harry Potter party 5 days away!


  1. The gothic Hermoine look is so so cool, who doesn't love Harry Potter? =)

  2. Ooh, gothic Hermoine is hot! It reminds me of the SNL skit with Lindsey Lohan has Hermoine. Has anyone ever seen that? Hilarious!


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