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Hello followers of Sparrows and Arrows. I’m so excited to be your guest post blogger today! Over on live.eat.smile. it’s the season for cooler weather, fun fall outfits (boots and scarves!) and finally being able to turn your oven on (those of you who don’t have air conditioning will understand!).

I had a ton of fun doing just that a few weekends ago. I cut the chill in the air with a warm sweater and cranking my oven for the entire afternoon!

So my question to you all is: what do you do with all that leftover pumpkin seeds and pumpkin meat leftover from decorating your houses? I asked that question last year after gutting and carving three pumpkins. I came up with these two tasty recipes with the help of the internet!

I LOVE granola! I love it for breakfast or for snack. Nothing beats some plain yogurt, fresh or frozen berries and some crunchy granola. Here’s a fun nut free version, but you can always add (or subtract) whatever your taste buds desire.

Everyone knows about pumpkin pie, but have you ever ventured from the usual? What about pumpkin cupcakes or muffins? Pumpkin pudding, soup or perhaps pumpkin cheesecake? I tried the cake with AMAZING results. My favourite part? Using ground up pumpkin seeds in the crust! I used a coffee grinder to get the toasted seeds to the same consistency as the graham cracker crumbs.

I hope you all have fun experimenting in your kitchen this season!



Thanks Emilie! She brought this into work (we share an office) and it was delicious!


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