Wand Making Party

Last Friday night the Halloween prep got into full swing with a little wand making gathering. They are really quite easy once you get the hang of rolling the paper (that's right they are made of paper!!) And being nothing but authentic, we modeled them after the real wands from Harry Potter - because you wouldn't want anyone to say ..well yeah I guess you look like Snape..but the wand is really throwing me off .... Grown-up Harry Potter parties are serious like that :p
gluing the paper tubes
the amzingness of the globe of glue on Lupin's wand (it looks a little inappropriate)
after a coat of spray paint
mid paint job
Lavender and Lupin's wands finished
You can check out the tutorial we followed here!


  1. omg, if I lived in Canada I would SO be inviting myself to that party ;-) Looks fab!

  2. wand making! that is awesome..

  3. what a great idea! (re: the glue) i would have never thought of that!


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