New Obsession > American Horror Story

We are currently obsesed with American Horror Story, despite being a wimp when it comes to scary things,  I am so intrigued by the mystery of it all, that I can't turn away!

Are you watching?

> Jessi


  1. Ooh, haven't heard even of it but I'm definitely intrigued... x

  2. Even this show is mess of tropes, clichés, and references to other horror movies they just make it work. I’ll even pretend Dylan McDermott didn’t lay concrete and build a gazebo in like forty-five minutes without so much as a trip to Home Depot, I love this show that much…which is why I’m sure glad I’m not a DirecTV customer right now….this contract negotiation between them and FOX could mean that DirecTV’s customers lose FX. As a DISH customer/employee I don’t need to worry about this, so I can enjoy my new favorite show without that hanging over me, wondering if I’ll lose it before I find out what happens.


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