Too Many Projects

I seem to be taking on too many crochet and knitting projects 
all at once and none of them are getting done :/

First, I am running out of wool for this poncho.  Thought I was stash busting now realizing I'm going to be way short.  That means I'm discouraged and don't want to finish.

Second, I really need a pair of slippers.  I never make patterns from the knitting magazines I buy so I'm making some from this issue of Knit Simple.  Simple? Yes, but also boring! So not much progress there...

Third, this sweater.  I already hate it and I'm looking for a new pattern so I can frog all this out.  I totally sized it wrong and the "ladies" will never fit in there lol

Fourth, these hexa-grannys.  Maybe someday will be an afghan?  Maybe will sit infinitely at the bottom of my knitting basket? Who knows, but I haven't touched them in months.



  1. I understand I have so many crochet projects right now I just made myself decide to stick to one at a time so I can finish something lol

  2. welcome to my life. i never finish knitting projects anymore!


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