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Hi there, Sparrows and Arrows readers! My name is Mandi and I blog over at make it dear and I am excited to share a little Halloween restyle project that my son Clark and I worked on to share here with you!


We started out with a store bought piece of Halloween decor that had been gifted to us by a generous family member (thanks Nan!) and decided to give it a quick makeover. I liked the metal frame and had ideas about making it spooky with strips of shredded fabric that would blow in the fall breeze...

First off, we removed the small lengths of chain on the sides and the metal centerpiece with pliers and attached some twine between the two metal rings that were there.

Next we tore strips of different fabrics in different lengths to tie to the twine. I went with some contrasting ones and included bright orange and a mummy's cheesecloth!

Tada!  We tied the strips close together and left the ends tattered to for an old and creepy look.

This is how it turned out and I think it will be even cuter once we gather and decorate our pumpkins and can display them all together! Happy Halloween diy-ing! h&k, Mandi


Thanks for guest posting Mandi! Maybe we can get some pumpkins at the orchard this weekend :)

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