Washington DC

I am starting to feel caught up after our trip, it was kinda nice not being able to get emails,text or facebook, but at the same time I had lots of work to catch up on when I got home!

We lost a memory card with about half our pictures on it, which is kinda sad, cause it included the White House, American History Museum, Lincoln Monument, Washington Monument, Vietnam Wall, WW2 Monument and some from the road :(

Despite loosing the card we still have a ton of pics, here's some of my faves :)

Capitol Hill
Lincoln Monument
Smithsonian Zoo
Iwo Jima Memorial
Smithsonian Zoo
Around DC
Smithsonian Zoo
Library of Congress
Capitol Hill
Rodin Sculpture in the Sculpture Garden Outside Modern Art Museum
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hummingbirds and more rain

So it really just won't stop raining here! 

Yesterday I went out to my grandma's farm (in the rain) to dig up some perennials for my garden (in the rain), and decide since I was already dirty and wet to hang around the hummingbird feeder to try and get some pictures of them. They are so tiny and pretty, and now I think I want to get a hummingbird feeder - but am not sure if they work in the city.. anyone know??

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Future Barista?

If only she could actually make me lattes ..I'd save so much money

this is her new favorite place to play!
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Letterpress Love

> inkadinkadoodle
> the paper peony
> parrott design studio
> lucky bee press
> green grass press
> sweet harvey


And our winner from Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day is... number 8! 
(I am glad it was a low number so it wasn't hard to count!)

 Congrats Nikki! I'll send you an email shortly to get your mailing info :)


Home Again, Home Again

Well we are back! We had a great (and busy!) trip. I must say the kids did really well, with the long car ride (with traffic it took more like 11 hours) and all the walking we made them do. Weather was great, I'm tanned and ready for summer now!

I had to go back to work right away, so am slowly catching up on work/emails/blog stuff and will have a more photo heavy post soon, in the meantime here's a quick one from my cell phone!

> capitol hill
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May Day Giveaway

It's that time of year again! Sew Mama Sew is having her annual May Day Giveaway! Be sure to check out all the blogs participating. 

Now for our giveaway! We are offering up a hand made pursed (crocheted by Cassie), with some fun things inside - including some sparkly hair clips, knitted cap, and some surprises!

1) Follow our blog & leave a comment, that's it!

outside of purse
inside of purse
hair clips
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Blog Lovin {15}


Boredom Blanket

I got a giant ball of wool from my mother in law, and wasn't quite sure what to do with it. It's kind of a weird wool and I think the only thing it can work for is a blanket, so it has become the thing I work on when I am watching tv (straight knitting so I don't need to think about it). The ball is massive - I figure it will take me till fall to finish it!  If you have any suggestions on what else I could do with this wool I open to ideas!

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New Project > Cardigan

My newest project to challenge myself with is this cardigan for Lily. Again I am not using the word challenge loosely - I always think things look easier than they are... this is going to be  slow going, every time I try to knit it at home alone, without anyone from Stitch N Bitch to help me, I screw up in like 5 minutes.

I have definitely been more into knitting lately than sewing, I did pull out the machine a few days ago to make some pajama pants and skirts, but it such a hassle to get the machine out, I really need to get on my craft room and by I, I mean Clifford :)

> Jessi



Since I'm on maternity leave now I'm spending A LOT of time at home.  It doesn't seem to be very productive time though!  The majority of my day is spent feeding, changing daipers, and watching TV online.

I just started watching Veronica Mars. I didn't watch when it was actually on, which I now regret!  Its like an old Private Investigator film had a baby with a teen drama...but funny. Scooter was making fun of me because when I lost my keys for 2 days, I started playing detective :P


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