Cross Canada Etsy: Hometown Edition

Kingston is a great place to live, all the big city amenities with a small town feel. Lots of great old buildings and beautiful limestone. Kingston used to be  the Capitol of Canada before it was moved to Ottawa and it shows in some of the architecture; our city hall is the old parliament building. Thought we'd take this chance to show some of the great Etsy shops here and give us a chance to promote our friends too!

Full disclosure, this is my sister in law <3 
But her shop is so cute and she always get the best yardsale and thrift shop deals, how could I not include her? I am totally jealous of her steamer trunks and all that gorgeous Pyrex that adorns her kitchen! Check out her blog here! 
And make sure to enter her giveaways!(one on her blog and one on facebook!)

Lots of adorable note cards, prints and felt ornaments. 
Plus, she's been featured on Etsy's front page! Hometown pride!

Our friend Emily has the cutest shop full of vintage toys. If you're a fan of retro Fisher Price or Playmobil make sure to stop on by!


Beautiful jewelry made by Sophie Paolucci incorporating her love for the ocean by working with Pearls, Ocean Jasper, Turquoise and other gems she admires.

Rustic, French inspired linens and decor...and they do custom orders!



  1. Those are some beautiful shops! I would be proud of them too:)

  2. Thank you so much Cassie!! Kingston is definitely a great city!

    And if I ever decide to part with a steamer trunk, I'll leave it to you and your sister to fight over it.

  3. i'm freaking out over the rhubarb paper company! i already love those gypsies!


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