Cross Canada Etsy: Ottawa, Ontario

I went to school in Ottawa and the thing I remember most about the city is the great museums and the market there. I walked everywhere, spent hours in the Museum of Contemporary Photography, and felt like a big city girl for the first time in my life. It's the Capital of Canada and I think speaks loads about our country that anyone can just walk onto the parliamentary grounds without even seeing a security person.

Interesting fact: at the back of the grounds and just over the fence there is a village for cats. Seriously. Someone built a bunch of cat homes and there's a donation box to raise funds to feed them. The cats are pretty feral though, I should know, I spent one evening trying to catch myself a parliamentary kitten :)

Beautiful handspun! Also has some really great art yarns :)

Super cute critters! Abe totally needs one.

I am a scarf junkie and there are so many great vintage scarves here that I just might be in love!



  1. I love that doodle dollie, haha! So precious..have a great weekend ) x

  2. Ottawa is a fantastic. I try to get there at least 3 times a year to visit my son, he attends Carlton University. We head out to different museums,galleries and restaurants each time I am there.
    That scarf is gorgeous!


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