Scene In: Parks and Rec

I am totally in love with Parks and Rec and have been pining forever for Ann's afghan!

It's based on a simple circle center granny square with a great retro palette. The colours are olive green, red, yellow, pink, lavender, purple and a light orange. It looks like the yarn weight is probably DK, which would mean that you could probably use a 3.5mm hook. I did a test square in random worsted colours and it's a pretty close match! The only changes I made to the pattern was to use half double crochets on the second row, and add in two extra rows.

  If I ever get the time I'll make the rest :P 



  1. I love Parks & Rec, and I totally love blankets like that too :)

  2. cute! You know...I really like that show but we didn't watch it from the beginning so I'll have to netflix it sometime!


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