Jessi & Gwyneth {9}

Can you tell I am on a bit of a cooking binge right now?

Tomato and Arugula Pasta

Another pasta recipe with my new attachments! Spaghetti went a lot quicker than the Ravioli, though it is still a bit of work, but the novelty of it has not worn off yet!

This was a really easy recipe, just tomatoes, arugula (which have now become staples in our house!) and a handful of spices. 

We opted to cut the recipe in half as we had so much when we made the ravioli, but it wasn't enough for this pasta loving household...and we ended up picking up so burgers later to fill us up (I was going to a going away party later that night and needed to have something a little more solid to drink on!) I am sure that's how Gwyneth would roll to :P

> Jessi


  1. That looks amazing. I've been just dying for a pasta attachment for our kitchen aide! The one we were looking at though had reviews mentioning how impossible it is to clean. Do you think the same?

  2. Sounds and looks delicious. I've always wanted a pasta machine fresh pasta is YUM!


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