Jessi & Gwyneth {8}

Sweet Potato Ravioli

We have wanted the pasta maker attachment forever and have never been able to justify it, until Gwyneth. Getting it opened up another section of her recipe book I could not have done without it :)

I have never made pasta before - it actually really fun- time consuming but fun! The inside of the ravioli is a sweet potato and mascarpone mixture. We had so much pasta that for variety we made a batch with spinach and mascarpone ...but the sweet potato was better. We invited our friend Suzanne over who is not a sweet potato fan - but liked these! The sauce is a butter and sage mix - which again I never would have thought to do - I probably would have dumped a jar of tomato sauce on it!

> Jessi


  1. We have the pasta attachments too and I totally agree -- fun but very time consuming! It's sometimes hard to justify when you compare it to opening up a box of noodles! I'm hoping we'll get more into it when the girls are a bit older.

  2. She's not kidding that I hate sweet potato! It makes me gag but these were so good I scarfed down a plate full and enjoyed them:)

  3. Yum, the butter and sage sauce sounds delish! x

  4. I love butternut squash pasta, and I feel like sweet potato pasta would blow my mind. Was their browned butter involved....oh yes there was...and sage!? You're killing me.

  5. looks wonderful and delicious!



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