Jessi & Gwyneth {7}

 Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend - we got suddenly hit by winter here, it's been very cold! I hear it's supposed to warm up this week so I can quit complaining :)  I have been quite busy in my kitchen - there are alot of food posts coming as well as a sweet Valentine treat tomorrow! Also Cassie has been working on a new  feature that we will start sharing this week!
Gwyneth's Rotisserie Style Chicken

There is nothing Clifford hates more than when I decide to make something I have never made when we have company..but you can't really go wrong with chicken right? I have in the past made things that he had to take over and help with, but this was so easy! The drinks were flowing and I forgot to take a nice picture of the whole meal, so enjoy these ever so creative pictures of a dead chicken :)

My journey through Gwyneth's cookbook is making me feel alot more confident in the kitchen and making me a more comfortable with experimenting, like with this recipe you  make a rub for the chicken, and that is something I never would have thought to do and I now have a few ideas of different flavour bases for it. Do you have a go to recipe book - or one you love?

ingredients for the rub
weirdly this step made me fell like a fancy pants chef
delicious roasted chicken!
> Jessi


  1. Looks yummy!! Sorry you had to be in all weekend. Keep warm and have a great week ahead!! xx

  2. Looks like it turned out great! I don't really have any cookbooks I like to work with, but we record tons of shows from food network. We're always inspired to get creative in the kitchen afterwards:)


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