Valentine's Day Popcorn

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a sweet little Valentine treat.

-pop your popcorn ( we have a whirley-pop and it is amazing!!) 
-double broiler melt some white chocolate 
-once melted add some red food colouring 
-put your popped popcorn in a lined roasting pan
-pour chocolate mixture over it and stir it in
-sprinkle with pink and red smarties (we also threw in the left over sprinkles from our cupcakes)
-Put in the fridge for 20 minutes :)

> Jessi


  1. Pretty! And I bet it tastes amazing too.

  2. Mmm..looks wonderful..hope you had a fab day!! xx

  3. Fun! We found one of those popcorn makers in the house we rented in college. When we had to move out we all fought over it ;)

  4. I have always wanted one but was not sure if they worked well.... well now I know. Thank you.


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