Re-Style > Kitchen Benches

We have a great little table with bench seats that my father in law found and fixed up for us, what wasn't working was the fabric on the seats - probably worked fine for a house with no kids, but many spills later and some matted down play doh, we were left with some pretty gross looking seats. 

This was a super simple project and I can't believe how long I stalled on it. First we took the seats off the benches, stapled down some fabric, then stapled down a layer of plastic, and voila new spill retardant seats! We will probably stick to them in the summer, but we will deal with that when the time comes:)



> Jessi


  1. Very cool. And possibly the only sort of upholstery I'd be comfortable testing out!

  2. It looks great. Clever idea about the plastic! x


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